Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Hey there all you people!
Jemima Jones Beck here to show you a picture of a recent walk that Mom, Dad and I went on.
This post was supposed to include more pictures of our new neighborhood so that you all could get a feel for it but someone forgot to charge the camera. So...this is it. Enjoy!
Jemima Jones Beck


Noodles said...

Look how NICE that street is! What a great place to walk.
Love Noodles

Colleen said...

Oooohhh. Walkie! Who needs a camera? Now lets go! Rudy, Bella and Jack

Anonymous said...

Great pic! You look very fit and lovely, Jemima!

Grandma Andrea

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Well, you aren't getting run over in the middle of the street, so it must be a great, quiet neighborhood. There's no snow and you aren't wearing a coat, so your weather must be awesome, too!