Tuesday, May 01, 2012

One Month

One month since I posted, oh dear.
Not too much going on at the Beck house...Mom continues with her diet. She has lost 31.5 pounds so far. The diet suuuuure makes her cranky, sheesh. Dad is getting ready to climb Mt. Rainier in July. That will be lame because he will be gone for five whole days! Boooooo! And the raised beds are doing well! Mom is going to harvest some radishes today.
Speak again soon, or, you know, in a month.
Jemima Jones Beck


Jen and Suki said...

Jemima, that's the cutest couch sitting I've ever seen. Love, Sukes

Anonymous said...


Hi there J! Your mom has lost 31.5 pounds!? that is fabulous!!!
Good to hear from you on the blog! take care
Grandma Andrea

The Girl said...

Aw! You are adorable, Jemima! I have a pug too, an 11 year old one. She has her own profile on Facebook!