Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Dad Had a Beard

Hi! Everyone,
Jemima Jones Beck here.
No super exciting news around the Beck household.
We didn't celebrate Thanksgiving and thank goodness for that. Mom and Dad have the Christmas Tree up, but it is currrently nude (sheild your eyes children!),
Since nothing super exciting is happening, I thought that I would share some pictures of Dad from a few months ago. What is special about these pictures you ask? Well, Dad has a beard in them! Mom hates facial hair with a passion, so this was Dad's first beard ever. I didn't care for it (you can see me trying to escape Dad's hairy face in the second picture) and I guess that Dad didn't like the itchy-ness much either since he shaved it off shortly after these pictures were taken and hasn't grown it back.
Jemima Jones Beck


stellaroselong said...

Dad looked happy.
stella rose

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Jemima you area doll.....
It seems like you either like facial hair or you dont'.

Grandma Andrea