Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy 7th Blogaversary, AKA The End

Hello! Everyone,
Jemima Jones Beck here.
Yesterday was my 7 year Blogaversary! Since Mom and I started this blog on a rainy day in Corvallis, Oregon we have written 636 posts, received more than 48,000 unique page views, and read over 2300 comments from friends, family and random Internet weirdos (you know who you are, sillies). We have made many friends; people and dogs that we have met in person or connected with via other social media.

The End:
Mom and I have been thinking about it for a long, long while now and have decided that it is time for us to stop writing here. Why? Both of us have outgrown the phase of our lives where we have the time, energy and desire to maintain a blog as it should be maintained (with at least three posts a week, in Mom's personal opinion). I am almost  8 years old now and starting to "slow down". I no longer want to play in the park, but prefer to stand between Mom and Dad to watch the world from their sides. Mom and I spend hours every day in our garden, something that we both love but that which is not necessarily conducive to writing a blog. And, of course, Mom is going on four years at a company that she is proud to call her employer and therefore has much less time than she did when we first started writing here.

I plan to leave the blog up for a while. It has been an amazing chronicle of our experiences and I would like to figure out how to somehow archive the whole thing for future reference. Does anyone know how to do that?

For the last seven years connecting with you all here has been one of the defining elements of our lives, Thank you!

I will always be so excited...to be a pug!

Jemima Jones Beck (and Mom)


Noodles said...

I vote NO!!! You cannot retire. I enjoy you too much.
Pout Pout.
But if you must, then I wish you well and know that you, Jemima Jones Beck, will always be my FURiend.
Love Noodles

Anonymous said...

We will miss you Jemima! We too are getting older and love sleeping on a big doggie bed in front of the fireplace. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Love Rudy, Bella and Jack

Jen and Suki said...


We'll always have Facebook.

Suki Sumo

Jen and Suki said...


Our moms will always have Facebook...


stellaroselong said...

Good luck Jemina with the next turn in your life!!
stella rose

Anonymous said...

Wow! I always knew it would come, this day of ending the blog.
On to bigger and better things, Ms. J!!

It's been a lot of fun reading and looking at pics of you all

Grandma Andrea

African Kelli said...

you will be missed!

Madge said...

Dear JJB & Mom,

I have checked in on your blog periodically since I first discovered it. Thanks for the fun times and sweet stories. My Boston Terrier/Pug mix, Madge, is approaching eight years old, and I see that she is slowing down, too. I hope you enjoy your gardening days and lazing around together -- until we hear any other updates...take care. Faith

Andreea Nacu said...

I like the picture.

Edgar paulin said...

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